Bromo Mountain

Mount Bromo is a convenient stop for travellers between Bali and Surabaya, and the most popular of all of East Java’s travel destinations, this active 2,392-metre- (7,85 foot-) high volcano lies 112 kilometres (70 miles), about three hours, southeast of Surabaya. Enclosed by perpendicular walls 350 metres (1,150 feet) high, Bromo’s awesome 2,200-metre- (7,220-foot-) high ‘sand sea’ caldera has three mountains within it, craters within one huge crater, the Bromo Semeru Massif. There are also three small crater lakes inside the larger crater, with waterfowl and excellent hiking. The ideal time to visit is in the dry season (April-November) when you have a better chance of seeing a blood-red sunrise in the wet season, you might as well sleep late and stroll across the sand sea during the warmer part of the day, after the heavy fog has blown away. The temperature on top of Bromo is around 5 degree (40 degree); in July, it could drop to 0 degree (32 degree), so dress warmly. Three times a year, the site is overrun by tourists in February when an annual festival takes place, over Christmas, and during July and August. So plan your visit for another time if you don’t like crowds. From Bromo’s peak are stunning views of active Gunung Semeru, Java’s highest mountain.


Model by DVJ LostSiska

Photographer by Bimo Pakusadewo, Mamok, Arief Satria

Camera : Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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